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About RTG

The Origin of Respect the Groove
Respect the Groove was born out of conversation I had with my friend Christina. I was telling her of my adventures playing on jazz gigs. Some soloists play so rhythmically out that the other members of the group have to ignore them to keep things going. They don’t pay attention. They don’t think about communicating with the band. When you solo in a band, you must pay attention. You have to continue to be part of the band. To which Christina replied, “You have to … RESPECT THE GROOVE.” Bingo! She nailed it in that one three word phrase. In the course of playing gigs, practicing and teaching, I have come to realize that one important element missing from the vocabulary of many new music students and musicians is groove. Any accomplished musician or music aficionado will tell you that without groove, music has no soul. So, in an effort to promote awareness and respect for groove, I created this website where drummers and other musicians can exchange ideas about how, where, when and with whom we groove.

About Lee Jeffryes

NYC drummer/composer/arranger. I moved to NYC after marching three years with the Garfield Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps and then working several years of gigs in LA and Japan. Always working to spread better groove where ever I go, I’m currently studying groove with Tommy Igoe and playing in clubs around Manhattan. You can email me via the Contact page.