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Dennis Chambers Shuffle

YouTuber Perchiss asked me if I could break down the Dennis Chambers shuffle in this video.

Here are the transcriptions: PDF  Screen Image

And here’s the video:

6 Responses to “Dennis Chambers Shuffle”

  1. Henry Says:

    You are truly inspirational, thank you so much for breaking this down for us!

    Hey if possible, could you break down the Carter beauford chorus groove for the song “drive in, drive out”?

    that would truly make my day!

    all my Best,
    Henry, your humble friend and fellow drummer :)

  2. jeffryes Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Henry. I see what I can come up with for the Carter Beauford groove.

  3. Levi Says:

    Hi..very great groove…well played…but I’ve got one problem with the “Dennis Variation”…the last triplet in the first bar is at the ride cymbal and its played with the right hand.The first triplet in the second bar is also played with the right hand..is that correct?
    So I have to come up very fast from the ride cymbal to the Hi-Hat with my right hand.??

    PS: Sry for my broken English I’m from Germany;-)

    Thanks a lot

  4. jeffryes Says:

    No. After the first three notes in the first bar (R L L) everything following is alternating R L R L etc. So, from bar 2 the hands are: HH-L R L, RIDE-R, HH-L R L, RIDE-R, etc.

    Okay? Good luck!

  5. Alex Says:

    Very groovy how you play it! When you play the DC version slow you add a few extra notes with the kick drum. Where do you place them in the beat?

    I think that the first one comes underneath the last ride of the first measure, but where comes the second one (missing from your notation)? Underneath the right HH before the left Snare in the second measure?

    And one more question, could you explain the ‘end’ fill of the fast DC version?

    Many thanks for the notation and the breakdown!


  6. Fred Says:

    Nice work man, you’ve just made my night, I can’t wait to get on the kit tomorrow!

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